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History of the Owls

The Gabelsville Atheltic Association has in some way, shape, or form sponsored adult amatuer baseball since the early 1960's. The current team sponsored by the Gabelsville A. A. joined the Tri-County league in 1981 as the Gilbertsville Rangers. Gilbertsville played their home games at Boyetown Jr. High East. At the time, Gabelsville was sponsoring a baseball team that played in the Lebanon Valley league. This was a weekend league and many of the players who played for the Rangers also played for Gabelsville. In the mid-1990's, the Lebanon Valley league folded and Gabelsville was left without a baseball team to sponsor. After some discussion the Rangers decided to move their home field to Gabelsville and change their name to the Owls.

Newspaper Articles

Owls Motivated By Tradition - By Phil Haddad from Boyertown Times 7/27/06
Gabelsville Looking to Defend 14th League Championship - By Ric Webb from Boyertown Times 6/17/09